Archipedia & Access to Memory

За промјену језика, кликни на глобус у горњем десном углу.

Welcome to Archipedia (Arhipedija) — an AtoM 2.4 based, user friendly interface for archival description, operated by the Archives of the Republic of Srpska. Started in December 2017, this project is a constant work in progress. It is utilized both as an archival tool for processing and description, as well as an updated finding aid for the users. In this way, users are able to track and access our most current descriptive data. Its ongoing stage is ownershipan intermediate one: the creation of fonds & collection level entries of all holdings based in Banjaluka are now complete, while this operation is currently conducted for the holdings in the regional offices. At the same time, we are conducting a more refined description on lower levels, with some digital object access.

Current description entries are available in Serbian (Cyrillic). This translation was provided by the employees of the National Library of Serbia, which was used for the descriptive platform of their own special collections.

AtoM (Access to Memory)

AtoM is a fully web based archival description application that is based on International Council on Archives (ICA) and other international descriptive standards. AtoM is an acronym for Access to Memory. See the online documentation to learn more about using the software.

Content: © Archives of the Republic of Srpska and project partners.
Software: Artefactual Systems CC BY-SA 4.0.